About Us


Annie Kerrigan

Hi guys, I'm so pleased to meet you. By way of back story, after a successful career in music  I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and extreme anxiety for many years. Again and again, I'd pick myself up and start over. It was exhausting, frustrating, and difficult. 

Living in a permanent state of flight, fright or freeze, I eventually developed a severe stutter, and the left neural hemisphere of my brain shut down. I could no longer read the alphabet, or write, or read. I couldn't map anymore, or remember things. It got worse. Lying in an ambulance, I wondered what would happen. 

Psychologists said it would take years to recover, but that simply unacceptable to me  as working single parent with a young child who was depending on me. 

Psychiatrists tried to hand me drugs I just couldn't take, as I would get too sleepy to work and function. CBT retriggered me, meditation made me panic, and all the other alternative therapies helped, but didn't fix the root cause. Fear. There had to be a better option. 

Then I found this therapy and  within twelve days, I was well. Really, really, amazingly well. If I hadn't experienced this trauma therapy myself, from such a terrible place, I would never have believed it possible.  

All I wanted to do then, was to say to other people in my position - this is fixable. It's so simple. It's easy. And it works. It's logical, it's comprehensive, and it's simple.  So I learned how to help others. Because I was sick of the stuff that didn't work.  

So if you suffer from even mild anxiety, or depression, or  at the other end of the scale and your life has turned to rubbish and you don't know how to fix it, then this may be just the therapy for you. 

Feel free to contact me, to have a chat about what this does. No pressure, no sales tactics. Just one on one - let's get this right for you and your world. I'm so grateful now, for the work I can do, watching people walk out of my office with years lifted off their faces, bright, and calm. I look foward to meeting you.