Using a simple but effective 3-4 session hypnotherapy method, based on The Richards Trauma Process and designed specifically for people who suffer from the challenges listed below.  We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line or enquire in whichever way you feel most comfortable.

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What this therapy can help relieve:



Flight, fright, freeze, please. Post traumatic stress disorder, separation trauma and other traumas are much more common than many realise - in fact, we believe that many people are undiagnosed because the common perception is that PTSD is a entirely military related, or caused by a single stressful event.  

Actually, there are many different forms of PTSD, and it can be very complex (and develop over a period of years, or often, in childhood). The common underlying factor is that the brain is permanently switched into "fear" mode.  The symptoms are frightening, and you can feel absolutely and inexplicably out of control  of many  of your own behaviours. Many teach that once a person has PTSD, it cannot be truly relieved. I know from first hand experience, it can. 

It is possible to switch it off - and that's what we work on. Switching off the flight/fright/freeze/please buttons and returning to calm. For more information on how this works, please go to to Judith Richards' TRTP website. 



The neurological equivalent of shutting down - where life feels hopeless, sad, and too much to cope with. 

Avoidance, sadness, hopelessness, the feeling that a person doesn't matter - these are survival techniques that help us to know change is necessary - we help to rewrite the subconscious worry and fear that causes depression in a gentle, effective, and simple way. 


Grief is so difficult to deal with by ourselves. Where do we put these waves of grief - this trauma, this immense, overwhelming sense of loss? This therapy has a beautiful process for helping the transition from utter sadness and a broken heart to feeling loving memories, and comfort. 


Sometimes we just get so angry - rageful.  White. Rage.  Extreme PTSD survivors are often filled with rage. It's hard to deal with, for everybody -  it causes the aftermath of guilt, it can ruin relationships and make the drive in the car from A to B a dangerous place to be. But in essence, it is often NOT controllable - until the flight, fright, freeze mode is switched off, and the person is returned to a genuine state of safety and calm.

Sometimes, rage is misplaced. This is a therapy that gives righteous rage a place and a voice - and then helps you move on from where rage might be controlling you and not the other way around.

Stress and Anxiety

Every day stress can build up until we don't feel like we are coping. Fear of failing others, fear of not being employed, or losing out, or being trapped, or being in the wrong relationship - fear that small things are suddenly catastrophic and we don't know how to deal with the fall out. Every person is different, and many suffer from things they haven't associated with stress - and yet, often, it originates with stress and fear. 

We avoid, we stress, we worry, we don't sleep -  fear is a huge driver for much of our underlying behaviour and even when it's "not that bad" it can make our days tough to get through. This process helps remove the fear, and allows you to process whatever (from one thing to many) is stressing you so that you can reassess where you stand - and what to do about it. It makes life much simpler. Even worse, we often hide it, putting on a brave face, and getting through things but going home and falling apart by ourselves. If this is happening, or you feel anxious, bullied, or just unhappy, this therapy will help. 


Therapy for PTSD and anxiety - switching off the flight, fright, freeze and depressive responses


Do you want to be well, but can't figure out how? So many of our problems are connected to chronic stress and anxiety. While the brain is switched on in "alarm" or "danger" mode, it's very, very hard to choose a peaceful, happy life. You may feel powerless, then look for a quick fix. For a moment, a half an hour, a couple of days, you're good again. And then  something happens, and it's back. And you feel terrible. You re-trigger. It's a video loop of stress and anxiety.  "Why does this keep happening to me?" is a common cry for help. What we do here in trauma therapy, is break the cycle. We stop the triggering and bring you to an internal state of safety and calm and we do it in a safe and effective way, using the language of imagination and the subconscious. 

Changing your subconscious beliefs using hypnotherapy


As you go through the process we use, the right neural pathways in your brain start to reform, and those distressing pathways that are holding you back break away. They no  longer have a grip on you.  We help you retrain your brain, and you just have to listen.  We take you through it.  When I was going through the process, I found all my terrible symptoms, including a severe stutter, multiple phobias, and severe stress reactions just melted away. They disappeared. This is what we do. No retriggering, no heaving over the past. 

Learn simple techniques that will help you enjoy and reclaim your life as your own. Realise how just amazing you are.


When you take out the emotional charge from the past, you can start to build your future, the way you want it. Old beliefs disappear and are replaced by the good stuff. The stuff you always wanted to believe, but deep down, you couldn't.

Life starts to reflect the good stuff, not the bad. And it's a great feeling. 

Give yourself a chance. Stop suffering, and resolve the stress, fear and anxiety you feel.   Be well. You can do it. And it's great. And we can show you how.